Our Specialty-Focused Medical Billing Services Suit The Unique Needs Of Your Practice.

Helping clinicians optimize their practices while saving time and effort through our specialty-focused practice management solutions.

Comprehensive and best-in-class Revenue Cycle Services


Our specialty-specific medical billing includes processing of all claims within 24-hours allowing you to grow your practice and increase collections while lowering operational expenses. Prospect Health Care Solutions provides complete revenue cycle management services to clients of every scale catering to every medical specialty today.

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Enables You to Provide More Patient-Centered Care


Prospect Health Care provides comprehensive medical billing and revenue cycle management services from Patient Insurance Eligibility to Claim Processing and Denial management to Financial Reporting. Therefore, our clients spend more time with patients without worrying about their financials.

Let Prospect Health Care Solutions help you thrive as A Successful Practice


Our customized services caters to Specialty-Focused practice management needs and let clinicians save time and effort while optimizing their practice processes.

Professionals who Understand Your Practice


Our uniquely designed practice management and medical billing processes suits every specialty. Our well-versed billing staff understand the ins and outs of your practice financial needs. BellMedex’s end-to-end powerful billing services are trusted by thousands of healthcare providers throughout the country. We help private practices to earn more while delivering optimal care and serving their small to large size practices better than ever before. 

Our Billing Services and Revenue Cycle Management Services are used by


Serving All Specialities Across Medical Spectrum





Family Medicine

Laboratory Billing

General Practice



Ad Endocrinologyere

Internal Medicine

Vascular Surgery


Don’t See Your Specialty?


If you didn’t find your specialty in the above list, Contact Us to Find Customized Solutions That Fit Your Specialty Needs