Optimize Revenue Cycle with State-of-the-Art Medical Coding

Get your medical coding done right the first time and improve your practice’s revenue cycle management. With their reliable coding services, you can enjoy a comprehensive suite of tools that make medical coding simple and intuitive.

Experience faster reimbursement and higher collection rates with Prospect Health Care Solutions’ efficient coding solutions.

Experienced Team of Coders

We thoroughly review all claims prior to submission and quickly make all the necessary edits before submitting the claims for payment.

Our team of dedicated coders help speed up process to get claims out to payers quickly, significantly reducing the time for payment.


Medical Coding Audit

rating procedure

We provide the right Evaluation and Management (E&M) levels for your practice management to ensure accurate reimbursement for your services.

Our team of professional coders assign updated CPT, ICD-10, HCPCS codes and NCCI edits to minimize the error rate and ensure a less stressful audit process.

Here’s what Prospect health care solution’s coding and auditing services can do for you:

ICD and CPT Coding

Our certified professional coders are here to support your revenue cycle and provide the highest standards of coding accuracy and compliance.

Prospect health care  Medical Coding Team is proficient in CPT, ICD-10, HCPCS codes and NCCI edits and assign the most accurate codes for services provided.


Simple, Fast & Effective Coding Services

Take your practice to the next level with Prospect health care solutions, one of the best medical coding companies. We offer a simple and spontaneous medical coding services for almost all types of specialties to ensure your practice get speedy reimbursements, error-free claim submissions and streamline workflow so you can focus on delivering quality patient care.