We confirm every patients’ insurance eligibility to streamline your process, shorten account receivable days, and avoid denials.

Get timely reimbursement as our detailed and error-free charge entry process ensures first-time approved claim submission. Our first time pass rate is over 98%.

Our top-of-the-line claim scrubbing ensures error-free and clean claims are submitted for faster reimbursement and minimum denials/rejections.

Corrections and re-submissions are completed systematically and in a timely manner for any claims that are held to identify and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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Prospect Health Care Solutions is a leading provider of innovative health information systems and services that transform the administrative and clinical operations of healthcare organizations of all sizes.


Our award winning solutions simplify decision making, streamline operations, and ensure compliance with industry standards and best practices; ultimately saving time and effort to maximize value and returns.

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Comprehensive and high-tech Medical Billing services

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We are a client-centric company with more than 20 years of knowledge in providing top-quality Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and medical billing services. We provide a comprehensive suite of healthcare IT products and services with a committed and world-class team of experts at the helm.

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Smart RCM Solutions For Modern Health System

Advanced and Efficient Medical Billing

Enjoy Greater Convenience with Integrated Coding Services

Prospect Health Care Solutions offers the Best Medical Services tailored to your needs at the lowest possible prices. You can start today and experience not just quality medical billing but reliable Practice Management services as well.

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